Blue Emarald Stopped Email Phishing with Avanan Email Security

Avanan stops threats before the inbox and integrates with your existing security by connecting to your environment. It scans for threats after your existing security yet prior to the inbox. It is deployed inside the cloud, hence offering the best defence against insider threats, Business Email Compromise and breached accounts.

Blue Emerald

Blue Emerald is a large manufacturer in the Southeast.


Blue Emerald has been inundated with phishing attacks that consistently get past its scanners. They’ve seen credential harvesting campaigns hit their employees, as well as scores of phishing emails just sitting in their inboxes. Blue Emerald needs an email security solution that stops phishing and credential harvesting campaigns. Additionally, the IT needed to get a clear understanding of the threat at hand and how their email is being protected.

Cloud Suite

Microsoft 365

Previous Email Security Solution

Trend Micro