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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication

Your company’s biggest cybersecurity threat?  Your employees.  They account for approximately 50% of breaches to date. It’s, therefore, important to note that adding complex verification processes will make it harder for hackers to access your company credit card numbers, email addresses, sensitive information, and personal data. Controlling who has entry to your company networks and […]

How your IAM can pave the way for successful Single-Sign-On implementation

Frameworks used for identity and access management include single sign-on applications, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management (PAM).  These tools provide the capabilities to safeguard identity and profile information, as well as data governance functions to ensure that only data that is required and appropriate is shared. IAM systems can be deployed on-premises or provided by a third-party vendor through […]

3 Ways Multi-Factor Authentication can reduce security breaches

Data breaches are more common than you think.  In fact, studies have shown that 31% of organisations have experienced cyberattacks in the field of operational technology. Stolen or weak login credentials are used by hackers in 63% of all web-based attacks!  In most cases, security breaches are caused by unpatched and old security vulnerabilities, insider […]

5 Ways security compliance can help grow your bottom line

Businesses reliance on information systems have caused important information and systems to be vulnerable to the possibility of cyber-crime. This has led to the acknowledgement of the important role cybersecurity plays within companies today. Regulations and standards such as GDPR have been created to help businesses protect their information. But there’s a problem… Businesses tend […]

It’s time to upgrade your Identity and Access Management System

We’re living in an era where technology makes people’s lives both simpler and complicated.  It also shapes how business is conducted. A strong technological infrastructure has the ability to enhance production, ensure smooth operations, nurture relationships with existing and potential clients, improve products and services, and secure your overall cybersecurity.  Running and scaling a business […]

Password management – why your enterprise needs one now

Nearly every web page someone visits, will insist that a user profile is created. This profile, will then require you to create a unique password for that account.  Different sites have different requirements when it comes to the structure of the password but over the years this structure has become standardised across most platforms.  Due […]

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