Cengage achieves
secure access
for staff and students
0 months
to deployment
0K +
logins per minute
0M +
of student and educators provided better learning experiences
Building for better education

Working with Okta means that Cengage no longer has to focus its in-house development and software resources on security and identity concerns. Those tasks are left to Okta’s expertise, while Cengage focuses on building better student experiences and innovative learning resources.


"Our core value and mission is to increase enrollment and increase the number of students that are graduating from school. Security, performance, identity, those are expected—but they’re not our mission. We needed a partner we could trust to take care of those important details."
- George Moore, Chief Technology Officer for Cengage


Improved student engagement and outcomes
Freedom to build and launch new experiences faster
Increased data security
Secure access for remote employees
Ability to scale quickly with no loss in performance

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