Helping Dubai Airports build a
hybrid solution
shorter passenger line-ups
airport workers and partners accessing the airport’s community app
employees and stakeholders using Okta’s Workforce Identity Products
Going hybrid

The company relies on a number of on-prem solutions, but it wanted the flexibility and security that new cloud-based solutions provide. It needed a long-term identity partner that could support a hybrid environment, so Dubai Airports selected Okta’s Workforce Identity products to enhance security and access an extensive integration network.


Decreased provisioning workload for IT team
Enhanced, adaptive security measures
Increased visibility into airport activity for all stakeholders


"There are over 70 airlines, plus more than 100 other companies on the airport campus, and we want them all to provide an amazing experience for our passengers. To do that, they need data and an understanding of what's happening in the airport. The Okta dashboard, which provides them with easy access to apps on any web browser, tablet, or smartphone, has proven to be extremely useful."
- Michael Ibbitson, Executive Vice President of Technology and Infrastructure at Dubai Airports