HackerOne improves security posture and
reduces tech debt
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vulnerabilities found through HackerOne’s customer programs
employee growth in 18 months
of HackerOne’s VPNs eliminated
Boosting security and usability

HackerOne knows that security tools aren’t effective if employees don’t want to use them. By setting up Okta Single Sign-On and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, the company created seamless authorization and authentication processes that not only strengthened HackerOne’s security posture, but also eliminated older, more cumbersome solutions.


Streamlined user experience and increased productivity with access to all apps through a single dashboard
Reduced tech debt by eliminating VPNs for 70% of its workforce
Easy to implement best of breed applications through the Okta Integration Network


"It's a really cool experience to work with companies that care deeply, and to feel like we share a partnership and mutual trust. We know we have someone to lean on if something scary happens."
- Aaron Zander, Head of IT at HackerOne