77 Energy goes cloud-first with Okta at the center

77 Energy uses Okta to automate provisioning and deprovisioning tasks, allowing IT to focus on identifying and deploying business solutions, rather than worrying about whether or not users can access them.


A modern perspective on identity

The team already understood the importance of identity management for user provisioning, access, and systems security. After reviewing traditional identity management solutions, along with a few startup companies, Dodds and his team chose Okta for a several reasons:

The Okta Integration Network

The Seventy Seven Energy team could see that, of the many cloud solutions they planned to implement, most were already in the Okta catalog. The hard work of integration had already been done, so each app could be added with less than two hours of configuration time. Gone was the need to spend months deploying Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services and building each integration.

User Provisioning

After running through various competitor demos, it became clear that Okta’s breadth and depth of provisioning integrations made it by far the simplest solution for onboarding and offboarding users. The breadth and depth of Okta’s provisioning integrations meant that Seventy Seven Energy could their application provisioning requests and streamline the remaining manual processes.

Universal Directory

Dodds was so impressed by how well Okta could tie users and apps together that he decided to master Seventy Seven Energy’s user IT record in Universal Directory, rather than in Microsoft’s on-prem solution, Active Directory.

Multi-factor Authentication

The team appreciated the way Okta’s Adaptive MFA could help build extra protection into the system, while flexing to various user needs. Seventy Seven Energy knowledge workers represent vastly different security, connectivity, and user experience requirements: Some sit in offices, while others connect from rigs out in the field. Okta’s flexible policy framework meant IT could customize granular MFA rules to meet those needs.

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