T-Mobile minimize
login frustrations and application toggling
for care agents
are representatives, retail associates, and knowledge workers using Okta to access their work and streamline customer care processes
applications integrated into the new T-Mobile technology stack in 18 months
0M +
of sign-ons per week, simplified
Slashing the operational budget

In 18 months, T-Mobile replaces its Oracle stack, along with 80 on-prem servers. With Okta managing identity, the company’s 50,000 retail employees go from 60-70 authentication events per day down to 7-10. Help tickets plummet, along with employee anxiety.


Support for modern identity protocols, including OAuth and OpenID Connect
Robust and well-documented tools and APIs that allow T-Mobile to treat identity as a repeatable product
Reduction in authentication events for retail employees from 60-70 per day down to 7-10


"Okta was a game-changer for us. … Having an authentication platform that you can easily integrate with greatly accelerates the underlying system you’re trying to build."
- Warren McNeel, Senior Vice President of IT, T-Mobile