Single Sign-on

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  • Okta Single Sign-on

    $42.00 / User / year

    Okta Single Sign-on is part of a complete identity and access management solution for organizations adopting and building for cloud and mobile who need to contain costs, fulfil user productivity targets, and avoid security risks. It is a simple deployment solution that will enable your employees, customers and partners to connect to cloud applications as well as on-premise applications.

  • OneLogin MFA & SSO Bundle

    $48.00 / User / year

    Purchase this 2 in 1 product to get advanced multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for a unified cheap price.

  • OneLogin MFA, SSO & Lifecycle Management Bundle

    $96.00 / User / year

    Purchase this 3 in 1 bundle to receive advanced multi-factor authentication, single sign on, user lifecycle management and HR Driven Identity all for a unified price.