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Harmony Email & Collaboration detects and blocks the most advanced phishing and malware attacks across inbound, outbound and internal communications, in real-time, before they reach end users. Protecting your Office 365 and Gsuite users and their collaboration tools.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, analyzing over 300+ indicators of phishing and ingesting data from ThreatCloud AI, Check Point’s dynamically updated service based on an innovative global network of threat sensors, Harmony Email & Collaboration reduces phishing and malware reaching the inbox by 99.2%.

Harmony Email & Collaboration can be deployed within a matter of minutes instead of months
Harmony Email & Collaboration can catch threats in connected cloud applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Teams.
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Canal Bank Reduces Phishing emails by 99.7%

We have been using Harmony Email & Office for the last year, and during that time we have stopped approximately 1400 phishing attacks. The solution also defended us from about 800 malware attacks, as well as other threats embedded in attachments." - Eric Garay: CIO - Canal Bank

GVI Secure's Office 365 Mail

It gives end users the confidence to know that the mail in their mailbox has already passed security checks and is secure. Prior to Harmony Email & Office we needed to check several systems to see if all was ok. Now, with a single enquiry, we can find all the reports we need.” - Kristoff Poppe: IT Manager - Gimv

How does Checkpoint Harmony Email & Collaboration work?
Product Tour and Demonstration

This demonstration shows you how easy it is to integrate Harmony into Office 365 or Gmail in 3 steps over 3 minutes. The demonstration shows how Harmony protects against Phishing, Malware and Ransomware emails before they even get to your users email box. Enjoy.

Harmony Cloud Email & Collaboration Security

Avanan stops threats before the inbox and integrates with your existing security by connecting to your environment. It scans for threats after your existing security yet prior to the inbox. It is deployed inside the cloud, hence offering the best defence against insider threats, Business Email Compromise and breached accounts.

SmartPhish Anti-Phishing
Account Takeover Protection
Malware Sandboxing
How Blue Emerald manufacturing cleaned up Phishing

Blue Emerald had been inundated with phishing attacks that consistently got past its scanners. They experienced credential harvesting campaigns that hit their employees, as well as scores of phishing emails just sitting in their inboxes. Blue Emerald needed an email security solution that could stop phishing and credential harvesting campaigns.

The Phishing Pandemic in Healhtcare

In 2022, 83 per cent of healthcare groups reported increases in cyber attacks. Some two-thirds of global healthcare groups have experienced an attack in their lifetime, of which 53 percent occurred in the last year. That’s because of the value of patient information. Patient medical records can be sold on the black market for as much as 50 times more than personal financial information.

Solutions Brief
Email Security - Solutions Brief
Protecting Office 365 with Harmony Email
& Collaboration

Find out how Harmony Email and Collaboration can protect your Office 365 Mail in 3 minutes and 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Integrate Office 365 Mail

Step 3: Scan mailboxes for spam, phishing and malware

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