7 measures breached organisations whished they had

Security breaches happen in minutes, but take months to discover — and 90% of them start with an email.
Too often, cybersecurity is reactive. Effective protection from evolving threats and new attack vectors starts with anticipating the attack, rather than responding. Hours invested in prevention could preclude millions in cleanup costs. Take advantage of free tools that prevent clandestine weaponization of domains, and develop an understanding of how basic configurations affect overall security posture.

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Cyber News: UK data watchdog issues hack alert after SolarWinds’ data breach

A major cyber attack used the US firm SolarWinds’ Orion platform. The attack threatened US national security, through targeting numerous  US government departments. Security officials in the UK are focusing on uncovering the extent of the impact on the UK of the hacking campaign. UK security officials are trying to establish the extent of the […]

The evolution of computer malware: How did we get to where we are

Security professionals having been battling with computer viruses for decades. To date, not only have industries accumulated billions of dollars in losses, malware attacks have proven to be life threatening. How did we get to where we are right now? Well, to get a much clearer picture, we need to travel back in time.  For […]

A Discussion about Phishing, the impacts and prevention.

In this video, we have a discussion with Alec Aronson, a cybersecurity specialist from Networks Unlimited about the dangers and impact of Phishing scams or Business Email Compromise and what organisations can do to protect themselves.