Supporting You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our top priority has always been to our community. This includes our team, our partners and our customers. We do not expect any burden to the delivery of our services due to COVID-19 and we are dedicated to keeping our services running for our customers. We have developed a comprehensive plan to reduce any potential disorder to our business. We will continue to operate with the safety of our customers, employees and community in mind.

As transparency is one of our core values, we will continue to assess our plans, and share relevant updates with customers and stakeholders.

Our People

Our team have the skills and resources to work securely from any location. We will continuously learn and adapt as well as monitor the information given by the World Health Organisation as well as health officials and government in the local communities where our employees are situated.

Business Continuity

At Cyber Sentinel, we value our customers’ success. In times of unexpected and challenging events, we have plans, processes and procedures in place. As part of our business continuity planning, we will continue to provide the highest levels of service and support to ensure that our customers can focus on their business operations.

We thank you for your support.

Christian Nyakanyanga
CEO, Cyber Sentinel

A cybersecurity expert dedicated to protecting organisations against the digital risks associated with digital transformation.

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